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Welcome to The ViewPoint!

Front Desk

Our Front Desk is open 9AM - 5PM Saturday, and 9AM - 8PM Sunday-Friday. Contact us via phone or text, or stop in and visit us if you need anything!

Text Us

Cat got your tongue? Text us at (207)569-9900 with your name & suite number and we’d be happy to assist you with anything you need!

Parking Pass

Please display your parking pass on your vehicle at all times while on the property. Vehicles not displaying a pass and not registered with the Hotel are subject to removal.

Click here to check out our personal recommendations on places to grab a bite to eat, quench your thirst, a scenic hike, or nearby activities!

TV & Channel Guide

Click here to access the channel guide.

Baseboard Heat

All suites have self-controlled heating. The thermostat on the wall controls the baseboard heat. 

Additional Heat / AC

The mini-split in each suite provides air conditioning and additional heating. To turn on the mini-split, locate the white remote on the wall of your living area or bedroom. Aim remote at white mini-split and press power button on remote. Use buttons to adjust temperature and mode. Make sure remote shows your desired mode (cool, heat, fan)!

No Smoking, Please!

We are pleased to offer a smoke-free

property. There is no smoking of ANY kind on the patios, balconies, in the rooms, or anywhere else on the grounds. There is a designated smoking area between the pool and the pool house. There will be a fee assessed for any smoking in the suites or anywhere other than the designated smoking area.

Wrinkly Clothes?

Each suite offers a clothing steamer, and an iron and ironing board are available upon request.

What Goes in Compost?

-Our sugar packet wrappers

-Tea bags

-Coffee bags

-Any food scraps

-Any non-glossy paper


-Wine corks

What Can Be Recycled?

-Paper and cardboard

-Aluminum cans


-Plastic bottles & containers

-Loose plastic bags

-Paper bags

-NO glossy or colored paper

-NO plastic wrap

Fitness Studio

The Fitness Studio is located in our Studio at 226 Nubble Rd, the white building directly across the street from the driveway. Your suite key will allow access to the building through the front door, and the Fitness Studio will be to your right.

So Fresh and so Clean

We’ve replaced all our single-use toiletries with dispensers so you always have the perfect amount!


Even better, these tamper-proof bottles get recycled by the Clean The World program which will upcycle leftover packaging and unused product for use in vulnerable communities around the world.

Dine With Us

Join us for a mouthwatering bite paired with a specially-crafted cocktail at A Little Auk, located just behind the pool. Sunday-Thursday 4pm-8pm, weather permitting.  View our menu here.


Check out is at 11:00AM. Please visit us at the Front Desk to return your keys and say "see you soon!" (because it's never really goodbye!)


In-suite housekeeping is available upon request, We are happy to give you a customized bag of any necessities you may need more of during your stay with us, just let us know via call, text (if opted-in), or email us!


Please leave any rubbish in the provided green bags, & any recyclables in the paper bag outside of your suite and we will exchange them for you!


All suites have electric fireplaces. For electric fireplaces, locate the small black remote above the fireplace. Aiming the remote at the upper left hand corner, press the power button to turn on the fireplace, and then the button with the fire symbol. Adjust temperature as desired.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. ( Aretha)

The ViewPoint encourages all of its guests to relax and make themselves at home, however we ask that all guests be respectful of each other and be aware of their volume between 8pm and 9am.

To Take Over The Aux... 

Turn on your bluetooth device (phone/tablet/etc) and the speaker. Press and hold the bluetooth button on the speaker. Is it the Echo? Just say, "hey, Alexa!"

Convection Oven

Press “Power Convection” button. Turn dial to

select oven temperature & press “OK”. Turn dial to select desired cooking time (max. 1 hour) and press “Start/+30s” button. *Metal cookware, foil, & other oven-safe cookware must be used in this mode. (Suite 109: N/A)


The ViewPoint is a pet-free property. Pets are not permitted anywhere on the grounds. Service Dogs as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act are welcomed however we do not accept Emotional Support or other types of Assistance animals. 

A fine of up to $500 and/or removal from the property may result.


Press “microwave” button. Turn dial to select

cooking power level and press “OK”. Turn dial to select cooking time and press “start/+30s” button. *Metal cookware & foil may NOT be used in this mode. (Suite 109: N/A)

But First, Caffeine!

We use REAL coffee! Each organic, single serve coffee bag is individually wrapped for freshness.  Simply heat up the kettle and let it steep like a tea bag. It's sustainably grown, compostable, and organic, but best of all, it's delicious! 

Still prefer a Keurig or a drip coffee maker? We can handle that - just let us know!

Thirst Quencher

The water in York is great!

In an effort to minimize our footprint, the ViewPoint does not offer bottled water in the suites, however we have stainless growlers filled with fresh, clean water for you to enjoy!

The growlers are cleaned and sanitized between each guest stay.

Getting Around

Check out our friends at Sea Point Scooter Rentals for a set of wheels and cruise the coast in style!

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