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Indulge your sweet tooth, grab a salty snack, or satisfy that umami craving with some of our favorite Maine-made flavors.

Milk Chocolate Potato Chip Bar - Dean's Sweets

This is quite possibly the best combination ever. Crispy, salty Fox Family 100% Maine potato chips surrounded by Belgian 32% milk chocolate. The sweet and salty combo will land on your taste buds in all the right places.


Clawhammer Strong Peppermint Organic Mints - Big Sky Brands

Clawhammer Organic Mints will satisfy the most discerning mint lover. They’re made with organic cane sugar and the highest quality natural flavors to deliver intense taste and breath freshening with no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.


Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Seed'nola - 88 Acres

Crunchy seed and oat clusters, perfectly balanced with organic chocolate chips and sprinkled with large flakes of Australian sea salt. It’s a crowd favorite for sure.


Ordinary Potato Chips - Vintage Maine Kitchen

Fresh Maine potatoes, sliced thin and immediately fried golden in a premium high-oleic sunflower oil, then dusted with just the right amount of solar-evaporated, hand-harvested Maine Natural Sea Salt. Super fresh tasting and crispy with a satisfying crunch, these chips won't cut your mouth up like some of the thicker chips out there.


Cowboys and Campfires Biltong - Biltong Baron

USDA-certified Biltong Baron, LLC is a producer of artisanal biltong; the ultimate high-protein snack and a healthier alternative to beef jerky and protein shakes/bars. The ingredients can be counted on one hand: steak, vinegar, sea salt, and natural spices. Cowboys 'N Campfires is spiced with smoked paprika, black pepper, and salt for a smokey, satisfying flavor


Dulse Seaweed Salt Blend 3.6oz - Maine Sea Salt Company

Dulse is a healthy way to enhance your daily need for minerals and more. Use everyday at the table as your go too seasoning. Dulse is rich in trace minerals and natural trace Iodine. A rich source of iron, potassium, iodine, Vitamin B-6, Riboflavin, and dietary fiber. This is my Iodized Salt. Great for everyday use at the table or cooking.


Water 500ml - Boxed Water

Help take a step towards saving our planet. 100% purified water (no added minerals), 100% recyclable and refillable with some common sense care.


Lemon Lavender CBD Sparkling 11.5oz - trētap

A delicious low calorie, low sugar alternative to soda, trētap CBD pairs your favorite fruits with a complimentary flower or herb….what we like to call a Companion Botanical. Top it off with 25mg of CBD and you’ve got a sparkling water that leaves you refreshed and feeling good.


Ibuprofen Medication, Two-Pack, 200mg - Physician's Care

Anti-inflammatory, fever reducer and pain reliever. Temporarily relieves headache, muscular aches, toothache, minor pain of arthritis, backache and menstrual cramps. Packaged for individual use.


Maine Wild Blueberry Jam - Maine Homestead

A best seller! Enjoy the delicious taste of Maine Wild Blueberries year-round with this traditional jam! A favorite for Mainers and visitors alike. Great as a gift or breakfast!


Blueberry Lemond Seed + Oat Bars - 88 Acres

Bright, slightly sweet and juicy with a hint of lemony tartness this bar is brimming with fruit, and might be our freshest flavor to date.


The Every-Thin Cracker - Mill Cove

A thin and buttery cracker with sesame, poppy, onion and garlic. Made with Maine butter and 50% Maine Grain flour.


Buttah Popcorn - Mindful Snacks

Gluten-Free, All-Natural


Cookout Potato Chips - Vintage Maine Kitchen

New Englanders know that all you need for a great Cookout is a good fire and a little salt and pepper. These chips are dusted with Maine Sea Salt that's been smoked over Maine sourced apple wood and a little cracked black pepper.


Dill Pickle Spears - Maine Homestead

A tangy dill treat with a little bit of heat! Great with burgers & sandwiches or as a healthy snack.


Black Peppercorn Grinder 2oz - Maine Sea Salt Company

Black peppercorns, are grown from the green, unripe berries of the pepper plant. The same fruit produces white and green peppercorns. Once dried, the berries become black peppercorns with a pungent flavor. The size, and maturity at harvest make the highest quality black peppercorns.


Ginger Brew 12oz - Maine Root

Our recipe lets the WICKED spicy flavor of the ginger root loose to mingle with pure organic evaporated cane juice, purified water and HAPPY BUBBLES! Wicked good.


Herbal Armor Natural Insect Repellent - All Terrain

From hiking in the deep woods to lounging in the backyard, Herbal Armor DEET-free, Natural Insect Repellent travel-size is an effective and safe solution that uses a unique and extremely effective mixture of six essential oils (soybean, citronella, peppermint, cedar, lemongrass and geranium), to protect you from mosquitoes and other pesky insects, naturally.

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